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They say you lose them the way you got them. True or False? Give an example.

whthershey209 U don’t have to dim the lights…we can keep them on. 😂😂. I think the statement is true…..however every situation is different.

kamos_mommy  you2funny and no i don’t think that’s true its different with every person

iamdjbunk @drejohnson1 it’s true 💯 I’ve couples who get together, from having an affair, a lot of times it doesn’t work out, because of the people in relationship, are Insecure and remember how they got the man or woman, and some people who totally forgot how they got that person, when karma Strike 💔

gemini_nailtech I believe that…however you start something is the way it’s going to end…

blacklivesmatter_scorpion It’s true plain and simple u can’t do under handed crap and don’t expect some type of KARMA. #Facts Now or later but it comes back.

ysn_shy2x No bc in the beginning you really are trying to impress them but after however long your relationship is you stop trying to I’m press them

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