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A mother and father read a book to their son while seated on an airplane.

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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. If children are born out-of-wedlock, should the kids last name be the fathers, mothers or does it really matter? ‪#‎thezone‬

Charles Smith It really doesn’t matter…

Brigitte Blake U can do both

whthershey209 That’s tough. My son got my last name…then again I been doing this thing for 13 years by myself.

tk143 The father’s last name, but if their problems between the mother and father like not trying to take care of it, the child deserves the mother last name

selfmademikegeezy @drejohnson1 Big bro whats good blessings to you 🙏🏾no matter how ever y’all agree the baby have to have a last name 😂💯

s3xycl1ssyc00l I believe it’s not about the Mom/Dad being able to stay together or if the Mom/Dad is a deadbeat. It’s about the children being able to know each side of their family history. Speaking as a single Mom of 4 for 23 yrs, my children have their fathers last name. You just have to be mature enough to separate your feelings for the sake of the future adult you’re raising.

marzkeyz3327 Let’s keep 💯 the reason why ladies use the dad last name is for social security rules, if something happens to father the child gets reward off the last name. Child support, food stamps etc..🤔

thatgyrlnip I feel the child should have the mothers last name unless they are married

charliepolopayton I believe the child should have the father last name …it’s only right.. I have two children and they have their dad last name….

candykane691 That s**t doesn’t matter. But they need to make sure they have the right man sign the birth certificate

nellybaby__mrs.rookard The mother’s….both of my kids have my last name until I got married my last child has my married name of course.

beedarling I feel like they should have whatever name the parents agree on–I don’t necessarily care for my ex-husband’s last name so our daughter has mine. We discussed it and it wasn’t an issue because she would most likely change it anyway if she chose to get married as an adult.

delightful_eyefull@92qjamsbmore Shit!! Give them both. Tbh, my name is hyphenated. My mom HONORED my sperm donors contribution, and yet left me the option to choose.

buchgirl30 My son has my maiden name b/c his bio did not and still doesn’t want to be involved with him. My daughter has her fathers last name whom I married b4 she was conceived. I now have my husband’s name and my maiden name combined as my last name so neither of my children feel like the other means more to me…to answer the question after my rant…i think that circumstances will always make this decision…

lenoranailcolors My sister got her father’s name even though my mom wasn’t married at the time.

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