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Dre’s ‪#‎nightcap‬.. Would you tell your friend if their mate was hitting on you or would you keep it to yourself? ‪#‎thezone‬

Charles Smith Hell yeah…if ur a true friend you wld tell them..for their sake and urz…my conscience wld not set right if I didn’t

Tammy T Sapp Let them know but say it in a tactful manner no extra dramatics. ( The he or she is a dog) type of usage isn’t needed to be said because the conservation will already be tense.

Arnetra Mercer It has happened and I told my friend.

mommy__of_the_year What about when your mate friend tries to hit on you, you tell him, but he’s still her friend

latricesmith5 Helll yeah ill tell then ill tell her drop his ass but if she wants to stay oh well she like it i love it

babygirl_qee Been there, done that. Sure did and she was my roommate. SMH

kenya_socialite_maven I’d put him in check the 1st time – and try to save the drama but if he/she is an habitual LINE CROSSER – Imma have to confront the situation in a 3some

naturallywrong I would tell my friend only with proof of it…..and even still that doesn’t mean they will make a change in who they are dealing with

hoodeditionbarbie @92qjamsbmore no cause the way I would put him in his place he would be so embarrassed he would end up making up an excuse to leave her just so he would never have to face me again 💅🏾

b4damoney_cheechee A real friend suppose to but since we all have different definitions of friends it’s plausible that one may say I’m not getting involved because if i say something they will say it’s hate or lying but a friend don’t hate or lie to their friend so that’s how I’d counteract that

ocky_bfac I’ve told an old friend before about her mate and the winch got mad at me

moon_in_the_day_tv They most of the time already know friends just play it off when they see it because they trust you or he or she won’t cross that line

comediantydavis It happened once and she stopped being my friend. He admitted he tried it but she still stayed. Years later after they broke up she apologized but we were never the same.

twinklemstarr Funny. That is the shirt I’m sleeping in. And I would tell. If that’s my friend he needs to know his girl gay. Lol. But I would let my friend know

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