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With the heartbreaking news of Prince’s untimely death, we began looking back at the iconic singer’s influence and ability to shift not only music culture, but America’s perception of beauty and sexuality.

In the early 1980s, Prince introduced the world to his protégée Denise “Vanity” Matthews, who he touted as the “female version” of himself.

Soon thereafter, Vanity started a girl group, Vanity 6, and began touring the world. Vanity 6 would only release one album in 1982, before Denise “Vanity” Matthews dismissed herself from the group to go solo.

With Vanity pursuing a solo career, Prince introduced the world to a new muse – Apollonia.

Apollonia Kotero Session

Apollonia Kotero replaced Vanity as the lead member of Vanity 6 and changed the group’s name to Apollonia 6. Despite receiving her start in the music business as Vanity’s replacement, Apollonia would become most famous for her role alongside Prince in his cult classic – Purple Rain.

With the deaths of Prince and Vanity weighing heavily on our hearts, we began wondering about the health and life of Apollonia. After some brief digging, we discovered that the 56-year-old actress/model is doing quite well, and even attended this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

Drake’s father Dennis Graham posted a picture of himself hanging out with Apollonia in Coachella’s VIP section.

We also discovered Apollonia’s Instagram, which features lots of pictures of her hanging out with her very famous friends.

Obviously devastated by the news of Prince’s death, Apollonia hasn’t released a statement regarding the iconic musician’s death, but we give her our deepest sympathy. In February, Apollonia tweeted out a heartfelt message regarding the untimely death of her good friend Vanity.

If you’re curious about Prince’s most famous muse today, check her out in the gallery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: GettyImages, Instagram

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