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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Two

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Now that Hakeem is the new CEO of Empire, he is definitely feeling himself and showing out by antagonizing Lucious. His first order of business was a press conference where he unveiled the new Empire logo. It’s basically the old logo, but with Hakeem’s face instead of Lucious.


However, Cookie reminded him that he has a job to do — get Camilla out! Cookie and Dre devised a plan for Hakeem to record Camilla confessing that she and Mimi plotted to steal Empire from Lucious. More on that later…

Speaking of Camilla, though, she has been acting extra petty by slashing budgets left and right. She slashed Lucious’ budget for his “Boom Boom Boom” video, and she slashed the budget for Tiana’s tour. It’s getting ugly, and Lucious’ patience is running thin.

Jamal’s patience is also running thin especially after he discovers that Lucious set him up in a publicity stunt where a bunch of gay gays staged a flash mob around him where they sang, “flip, flop, flip, flippity, flop,” and tossed a colorful assortment of flip flops at him. They were basically saying that he’s a flip-flopping for sleeping with Skye. That’s actually still in question, though. They kissed, but Jamal claims they didn’t go all the way. Anyway, that doesn’t matter because Jamal is losing support from the Gay community, which is obviously bad, especially as the Asa Awards are approaching. Note that Lucious and Jamal are nominated for awards in the same category hence Lucious’ set up. Also note that this is silly. Aren’t gay men a part of the LGBTQ community? Doesn’t the B in LGBTQ stand for bisexual? So wouldn’t members of the LGBTQ community still support Jamal anyway?


Okay, never mind. That’s too much overthinking for a soap opera.

Jamal cooked up revenge of his own, though. He performed a new song that he wrote where he dropped bombs like, not being afraid to destroy his father, and the fact that “Lucious Lyon” isn’t even his dad’s real name.

Let’s get back to the plan to oust Camilla. Hakeem realized that she’s too smart to get caught on tape saying anything incriminating. Instead, Hakeem went the sex tape route. He recorded the tape, which featured a conversation with Camilla saying that she was just using Mimi to get to Empire. Mimi, who is jealous and possessive, got ahold of the tape and decided to dump all of her Empire stocks.

Cookie, who was elated, told Lucious about what Hakeem did and insisted that he call his lawyers to get the news and what the next steps should be, but instead he paid Camilla a visit. He walked in on her cleaning up a crime scene because she killed Mimi (by spiking her drink). Camilla was trying to make it look like a suicide. Lucious had plans to make it look like a murder-suicide, though (even though he had Camilla on camera killing Mimi). He pointed a gun at Camilla and made her take whatever it was she gave Mimi, and she downed a bottle of pills.

But why does it seem like it still won’t be that easy? Perhaps Camilla will survive and wake up in the hospital. One thing we know for sure is, even if Camilla is out of the way there will always be something else in the way. See you next week.


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