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When you think of Birth Control for men, anything outside of a condom seems weird, right? Well, it may sound weird but it’s on the way and it’s no joking matter.

In 2018, Vasalgel could be available to guys to help with Birth Control.

“The preclinical trials involved the study of rabbits and they’re sexual capacity when injected the Vasalgel contraceptive. The trials revealed how Vasalgel was able to stop the sperm flow in rabbits, therefore showing efficacy as a birth control method.”–Pulse Headlines

According to ‘Bustle‘, here are some things you need to know about ‘Vasalgel’.

  1. It’s a shot in the penis, similar to a vasectomy
  2. It lasts a long time
  3. It’s reversible
  4. It’s non-hormonal
  5. It hasn’t been tested on humans yet, just rabbits (as mentioned above)

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