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African American couple having relationship difficulties at home.

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Dre’s #nightcap.. If you could change 3 things about your mate, what would it be? #thezone

Charles Smith I don’t think I would change anything but I would enhance or make better…career….feet….and cleaning habits.

whthershey209 If I had a mate, maybe I could answer 😂😂

sexybosslady86@drejohnson1 His snoring his attitude and his sex😂😂😂😂

sexybosslady86@drejohnson1 thanks for say in the comments ..I jus heard..😂😂..but I was dead serious… Thts y I’m bout to leave him😂😂😂gn

tloyalty_ova_love_jazz@drejohnson1 his lack of affection, the lack of attention and his attitude towards me

ghostwriter75 I would change nothing, she’s who I fell in love with. If something changes is because we grow together. #love #real

i_ch0oze_me I had a mate 4 months ago that lasted 4yrs but yea you know how THAT GOES lol but if I could have changed 3 things bout him it would’ve bn 1. His lack of communication 2.Him being emotionally detached & lastly 3.His lack of honesty/trustworthiness

rosay_n_momo_4life Make my mate my babymother

_xoxo_her If you have to change something you shouldn’t be with them ‼️‼️ I love my man flaws and all 💕

jaquettadavis Get one , love him , enjoy eternal life ❤️💁🏽