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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If you were to hit the Powerball jackpot, what would be the 1st thing you did with $675 million?


Grandville B. Priest II QUIT my job… I ain’t NEVER going back #GoingPOSTAL #LoveDatMoney

Cristal Lee Buy my Mom a house…..A really nice one then buy myself one:)

Rick Tyler Gm …..pay off every single bill i owe ……then buy a house and a car

Aaliyahs Page Get out of THIS ragged ass city!! Go by me a house in the Bahamas or somewhere on an island.

Curtis Harris Be a blessing to people and give back to my community.

Vonnie Long Good morning Dre. I would go to North East Market and Buy Kim’s spot because they have the Best Fried Chicken in the City.

DoctorRell Bailey Buy minority ownership of the Ravens.

Chevel Vaughn Praying to God over here to encourage me to tithe on the first 10%

MrsIris Elena Ross I would tithe 10% FIRST!

Mac Mcknight I would be the new 2Pac and drop off the face of the earth. I’m breaking my phone, and all lol.

LK Schwendig  1st thing is become debt free and take it from there

Shawn Manning I would buy all or try to buy all the abandoned properties in Baltimore and monopolize.

Dorethea Stepney Taylor  I would buy up a row if these vacant houses in Baltimore, rehab them then raffle them off to needy families.

Erika Fox  Pay off all debt, buy parents houses and money 2 chill on, buy some property in Baltimore and fix it up with affordable rent and other services , give 2 charities I know do work, & get a passport 2 travel the world. I’m out

chuck_taylor_the_driver  DISAPPEAR!!!!!!!

ll_dr  Go on vacation for 6 months. I deserve it.

tyice1ofakind  Donate some to #SarahHopeHannahMoore shelter then I’m dipping…

selfmademikegeezy  Start building a powerful business empire that will benefit future

iambeauty_8  Gm Dre. I would clean my credit up & pay those school loans off.

kissme_kima  Affordable housing for everyone in Baltimore

1dimplez3tats_iam  Clear All Debt, Take Care Of My Family, Give To My Church, Invest, Help My City and Really Take Off With My Business @tarastasteetreats 😆

tatmylife Buy a basketball team for Maryland . Then coach it .

cmp_66 Go to Popeye’s and get a 3 piece spicy

msffg_flyfatgirl Get gone ✌🏽️

prettyteefus@drejohnson1 take Beyoncé and Sanaa Lathan on a date

jay_the_brand Clear Debt, Pay Tithes then Open a Waffle House in Baltimore City

moneyteammdc Buy a house and have a built-in playground and all the game systems and toys etc. for my 3 daughters. Then just hook the house up! Then I’d build multiple apartments with security and get these homeless people off the streets! @drejohnson1

calisweet04 Generous tithes, Pay off School loans, house, and car! Buy my parents a home and clear their debt, make sure my family was squared away (no homelessness type situations). Ensure I’ve invested in cd’s, property, ira’s or other accounts that grow and Keep working.

pebbles_page Buy some of these vacant houses in Baltimore and build a multi floor shelter for the homeless. Of course make sure that my kids and immediate family are straight.