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Source: Dre Johnson / Dre Johnson

Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. If the City election was held today, who do you think would be the next Mayor of ‪#‎Baltimore‬? City Councilman Nick Mosby, Former Mayor Sheila Dixon, State Senator Catherine Pugh or City Councilman Carl Stokes?


Corey Smith Sheila D out of this group she was a great mayor in my opinion Nick Mosby will be a good candidate down the road bad timing due to the case his wife is involved in Councilman Brandon Scott should run!

King Carlos If i still lived n the city i would vote for Carl Stokes.

MrTerrence Teel Sheila Dixon.

Toiya Best Sheila Dixon , I agree Corey Smith Brandon Scott should run. If I lived in the city he would definitely get my vote

Kevin Boardley Sheila Dixon

Shamica Banks Nick mosby

Ash Bambi Brewton Nick Mosby has a shot at running the City! He actually wants to help the school systems #TeamMosby

Devan ButyoucancallmeBennett Perry Sheila Dixon. I honest believe if Nick Mosby was to win, it could be a potential conflict of interest with him and his wife.

Shawn Speights It would be the same outcome as 1999 as blacks would split their votes with the above mentioned and probably someone white would come in and steal the election. That’s how O’Malley won.

Pless Jones Shelia Dixon…hands down…with Nick Mosby having to give up his seat to run, this could be an early end to a promising career…he would have done better to unseat Bernard Young as City Council president and back a particular candidate for Mayor…this would have led him to Annapolis as a senator or maybe even Governor…the nationwide exposure he has gotten won’t translate into votes in Baltimore…

Tashia Smith Gm. Dre Johnson… I think Nick Moby got this in the bag… The Mosby’s are definitely Hot Topic right now. I think with him in office there will be some changes… Good changes. BALTIMORE needs that.

Tee Denton I vote for Sheila Dixon. She did no more wrong than the rest of the politicians. They didn’t even give her a fair chance

Melissa Green I guess voting for the lesser of the corrupt is the choice at hand. And if I voted right now, it would be Nick Mosby. With his wife being head prosecutor, he heading city hall, I’m sure the boys in blue will straighten up. She has already set the stage to let them know she’s coming!!! And having hubby in command of them, changes will be made.

Anthony Arcius Jenkins Sr I don’t live in the city but Mosby should win

Tia Tweels Strayham Not sure but I like Sheila but I would like to see a new face. We already seen what Shelia..Folks don’t forget the combined school and closing of rec started with Shelia.

Akil Bay Boy Leggett Ms. Pugh would do a great job Dre Johnson

Gary Brown Jr. Catherine Pugh, is the best choice, during the 2011 elections she was the candidate with ideas of real reform and change in many needed areas. She had ideas for reforming and changing the police department way before the unrest.

Ayonna Iluvblue Thomas Dixon….. She did a lot of for the city than the current mayor… Regardless of her past.. She was an awesome mayor

Harry Hughes I believe Sheila Dixon will win it, but it also hers to lose as well. I honestly think the city needs new fresh faces in City Hall on every level. Thats why I don’t believe in Pugh and Stokes. Nick Mosby name is drawing a lot of attention and also Scott.

Danielle Dawson Dixon we need her back 🔙

Teddy Smith Between Dixon and Pew (excuse the spelling) there more known and we as the people if baltimore go with what we know and what we are comfortable with.

Victoria Lowman We need someone new are Baltimore will be a disaster

Nicole Smith Dixon of course

Mark Hall Nick Mosby

Kia Sample Dixon

Taneshia Johnson Dixon

Dana Mason (Sheila Dixon ) all day

Travis Abetterme Swain Dixon we need her

Diya Harland Dixon

GloriaNew LifeWalker Mobsy

Dorlisa Hailey Dixon’s of course

Penny Wooten Sheila !!!

Tia Moye Sheila Dixon!

Eric So Smooth Russell Mosby

Sean Mayo They are all an absolute waste….Baltimore will continue to fail tremendously, mark my words.

Kenny Eebron Nick Mosby

Christopher French No one!!×

phhorsey I think between Dixon & Pugh . Dixon did wrong with the gift cards but she did a lot for the city especially with them empowerment zone grants & funding

mike.savage.921 Sheila Dixon #Baltimore @92qjamsbmore

opheus_gentlebreed I think it would be Sheila Dixon because the people of Baltimore loved her as a Mayor.

nosey86@drejohnson1 Mrs. Dixon because the people know and love her

monroedavis3760 Sheila Dixon

1sickcharger@drejohnson1 Sheila “Gift Card” Dixon lol gm bro im just saying it actually seem like she won

just_b_n_me_126 Sheila for sure. She actually got out into the community and she had a connection with the people.

brandizzle03 Nick let a power couple run the city

shernitayvette Tight race between Dixon and Mosby

radical_shy_trafficante I’m not for Sheila she’s the reason why half of this is happening let’s not forget one day trash and she appointed most of these officials in the seat now, the cities doing so bad we’re willing to put someone in that was impeached, oh yeah and she don’t treat city workers right Lol


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