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Washington Washington Football Team v Baltimore Ravens

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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What do you think it’s going to take for the ‪#‎Ravens‬ to get a win? ‪#‎Baltimore‬ ‪#‎Ravensnation‬




Chereese Barrett It’s time to clean house get a new defensive coordinator and an offense coordinator we used to have one of the best defenses in the league I don’t know what we have now our offense always been shaky but come on now we never been 0-3 like come on now give Steve Smith Sr. a chance take somebodies lunch money.

Kevin Boardley Against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night

Rashawn Shakur Thompson We getting our first win Thursday night against the Steelers only because big Ben is out

Selina Author Selina Polk What would Ray Lewis do What did Ray Lewis do. PRAY

Roslyn Smith Prayer

Pebbles Lewis Anquan Boldin, Terrell Suggs, Ed Reed and whomever else that they let go Dre Johnson. This is a mess! They all need a major pay cut for this sloppiness. FLACCO….he’s making too much money and too many babies! That’s where his energy is going. The rest of the team need to get it together. Even the secondary is awful. I know that it’s a stressful sport but my goodness.

Keisha Henson What Pebbles Lewis said

Pebbles Lewis Thank you Keisha Henson!! smile emoticon

Shantele Russell They should have kept T.Smith, J. Jones. A.Boldin. Ozzie really messed up this year by cutting good players . Can Ray Lewis come and give them a motivation speech?

Dwayne Johnson Sr. Defense especially the secondary. They can’t hold or contain anybody.

MrTerrence Teel A new owner!!

Katrina Truitt 11 more Steve Smiths…


DoctorRell Bailey Bottom line. For those that know nothing about instead of the final score.

Dean Pees must go. Flacco did his part in getting the Ravens the lead. The defense was responsible to putting the nail on the coffin. But that zone coverage is killing us.

DoctorRell Bailey #2. Perriman just need to get his doctors note signed and play like a damn Raven. Activate Babin. Nothing wrong with these bums. Thursday night is WAR. Regardless.

Tashia Smith Good morning Dre… Its going to take a whole new fresh Defense line up and a few prayers.

Michael London Let go of Flacco and get a more smarter and accurate qb

Dom Henson Corners man corners…inconsistent. It’s always our Db’s getting burnt or acting like they’re scared to tackle

Crisma Howard Ray lewis , ray rice ,Bold in, T Smith. Get rid if Joe wacko

Harry Hughes People need to understand something. Flacco is not the problem and he is not going anywhere. Our problem has been the last few years is the secondary!! From the corner backs to the safeties. No communication at all. The last 3 games against the Bengals alone A.J Green has killed us and they knew they where going to him. RELOAD IN THE SECONDARY!!!

Rome FreeDerick Matthews Find that run game and fire that offensive coordinator

Diamond Pendleton New player’s

Kim Batey People kill me wanting to blame everything on Flacco ! If Flacco goes the problem is still there ! Everyone on the team shares the blame for the last 3 losses !

Chris Mcduffie To all those blaming flacco, no 1 thing, even if we had a different qb yesterday, that does nothing to stop aj green, from scoring back to back in under 5 minutes of play! Secondaries been the problem since the 2nd half of the Superbowl!

Skylar Keller That “elite” flacco needs to go..and better D that actually knows how to tackle people…u don’t tackle at the shoulders and think they r going down…basic fundamental…*disclosure not a jail bird fan*

Patrick Shotta Wolf Riddick Playing aggressive on defense and not conservative !!!!

Eboni Slaughter Defense…..

Matt Lock Our old team back

Jackie Dunn Mr rice..to come BACK

Tricey Lovinlife Freely Better defense pls

Brittany Brown A prayer and a miracle

Mark Levy Divine Intervention

Lordhave Mercy Once we get our running game back, along with pitta and perriman healthy we will be a very good offense. But now defensively? I have no answers

Shaneise Ware They need to learn how to catch first

Jasmine Karma Martin Either make Flacco a better quarterback or let him go. And also they need better strategy and plays.

Di Mill Play like their paychecks matter.

Kim Snider Baumann A new offensive coordinator

Sharon Mccoy A miracle

DeAndre Davis We need some solid corners!! Jimmy Smith ain’t what he used to be!


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