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Mike Epps was recently caught “reaching out” to a fan on twitter when his wife stepped in and shut that conversation down  

In light of this story, what are some things you should never do on social media when you are in a relationship?


Dorethea Stepney Taylor You should not be signed up on any dating site chatting and meeting people.

Brace Washington the first thing you should never do is get caught. the second thing you should never do is try and sneak holler. the third thing is if you’re going to ignore the first two, be man/woman to live with the consequences.

MrTerrence Teel I cant !

Charles Smith Social Media has destroyed communication…Now we’re in the age of talking or paying more attention to phones/social media than communicating with others…I believe that there is such a thing as cheating on ur mate with ur phone…Never let Social media devour your communication…don’t go to social media with marital issues before u speak to ur other half about…if u are attracted to someone on ur page…delete them because you’ll find urself using the excuse Oh they just a friend” when the inbox messenger speaks otherwise…ijs

Brian Smalls Cheating is cheating whether its on social media or not. Many people have lost relationship etiquette. If you are on social media more than you are talking to me, then that alone is a deal breaker.

Angela Couplin If you are doing something you don’t want done to you don’t do it.

Rhonda Divah Moore Posting inappropriate pictures and liking them (especially if married )

Tee Denton He is stupid. She is pretty, the other woman probably trash. Smh

Verne Ldl FLIRT especially when you’re MARRY!!! Wanna try something new look into yourself and see what your not doing to please your spouse and maybe you won’t have to FLIRT or CHEAT so don’t blame the other when you do blame yourself and the DOG that gave you the BONE!!!

India Lindsey His wife is gorgeous! Smh what an idiot.

Jodi Bahr Dont do anything you wouldn’t want done too you

Deidre LaDawn Be on social media

Terri Cager Send “Flirty” pics

iambeauty_8 Gm Dre, you should never in gage in being flirtatious with someone.

moni_sheri0303@drejohnson1 Mike epps is too old for this foolishness he should know better smh..

tatmylife Maybe she needs to be handling business at home ? 💁🏽 #justsaying

mere_mia You should never engage in any activity you don’t want your mate to engage in. And if you choose to do so you need to reevaluate your current relationship and ask yourself if you get caught is it worth losing everything you have.. #dontbedumb

baltimore_jay He’s rich. She needs to accept that other women are gonna be an issue and be happy with that rich life she’s living.

natethedriverfields Everything… Social media alone is a control method more people are on this daily instead of living life and enjoying moments, the real #zombieapocalypse


Don’t Play: Mike Epps’ Wife Shuts Down Her Man’s Sketchy Twitter Flirting

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