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Bonfire At Night

Source: Mike Whittington / EyeEm / Getty

They say the rich get richer.  So then what do their kids do?  Well one rich kid that was reportedly getting between 5-10k a month for allowance, is so spoiled and use to daddy being their personal BANK and Supply, he had his buddies set his on  FOREIGN WHIP on fire, all because he wanted a newer model.  Wait, let’s get this right.  All because he wanted a more modern model of an expensive foreign car, they ARSONED the one he had.  OMG.  The shade is the salesmen was the one who told them where to burn the car up at to avoid suspicion.  Which is even more suspicious, like where do RARRI’s just CATCH on fire at.  Now, this is where we step in and say, though we don’t condone violence or abuse, but all these kids need good ole fashioned @ss whooping and a dose of reality.  Crazy thing is, there are so many that are so well off, trust fund babies, their reality is being constantly spoiled and no handle on reality.  Sad.  Read the full story as being reported by Sandra Rose.  This seems so ungrateful and because of this he gets the BBAGIT award today.