FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

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In secret footage obtained by an undercrover actor having a discussion with the former President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Council, we find out so much of what Dr. Mary Gatter does in her spare time to get some spare change.  Not only is it unlawful to sell fetal matter, the fact that they had to “haggle” and/or bargain over the price is disgusting.  Some of the prices for aborted baby body parts sell for $75!!  But the phony business owner that is really an actor offers President DMG a whopping $100, and she then agrees to sell the fetal parts for the negotiated price.  Although she was under the assumption these parts would be for “genetic studies”, the whole ordeal is sickening as you will see in the footage shot in February.  CLICK HERE!!!! 

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Gatter and the “actor” aka the alleged buyer, then start to describe ways to perform a less harmful procedural way to get internal organs, baby parts to be “less crunchy” after abortions.  The more developed the organs, the more and more of a higher price.  Especially if they are intact.  Not only is this a felony and punishable for up to a decade in jail, there can be a fine attached of up to 500k!!

So after the admission of “harvesting aborted baby parts”, as being told by the project lead, there is a lowkey admission to receiving payments as well.  When in fact, the only payments that should be accepted for the DONATED parts are for expenses associated with preservation and a few other things that come along with storage of the matter that is collected from the unborn baby.  It’s hard to believe they claim to have never pocketed that extra cash.  Hmmmmmm…Seems UBER fishy since it was also said that Dr. Gatter wants a LAMBO!!  Hope Congress jumps all over this one.  This is totally OUTTA POCKET!!  FYI in 2015 alone, Planned Parenthood has received well over $46 MILLION in Federal Grants.


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