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Dre’s ‪#‎Breakfastbite‬.. What are your plans for the last weekend in May?


Gains Bond Get you to check my mix

Johnknee Selby Sup homie good morning Djing tonight Saturday.. wife & I babyshower ( Live Broadcast with DA show) LOL…

Mekea Shanea Windsor Inn! Crab cakes, dancing and friends.

Mekea Shanea Sunday, i will blame on the alcohol. wink emoticon

Christlynne Thrower Celebrating my cousin Whitney birthday all weekend….Let’s Goooooo

Keisha Henson And Dre I never get to tune in to hear my comments but someone always hit me and say I heard ur name on the radio lmfao much Luv for always saying my comment have a wonderful day/weekend

Kevin Boardley Donating blood @the red cross

Mike Savage I just got off work and I’m going home and get some sleep so I can get up and go to work tonight #BreakfastBite #92Q

E Shemar Bolden I’m actually trying to find something to do. Need suggestions. Got money I need to spend.. LOL

Dominic Day Sr. The direction our city is moving N, I pray I will live 2 C the 1st weekend of June #Pray4Baltimore #Pray4TheWorld

Shekella Charity Baseball games all 3 days

Toiya Best Off to New York for the weekend with the Mr. Much needed us time!!! Gm Dre!!!

drbwhipple Good morning Dre. Happy Friday! Being installed as the eighth pastor of the Historic Mount Hebron Baptist Church on Sunday at 4pm (2651 W. North Ave) @mounthebronbaptist. Happy about it 😊 #DrBWhippleInstallation

daonly_ttech Today’s graduation day and tomorrow I’m heading to NY until Monday !🎓😁👏🗽

bigmarco711 @drejohnson1 After working 10 hours a day for that pass 14 days I’m doing absolutely nothing this weekend

dbright2014 @drejohnson1 partying like a rock star Oakley station& bourbon festival

brandizzle03 Orioles game tonight and O.C. Saturday ⚾️🏊🏽

whthershey209 House hunting

crazybez Unfortunately working again all damn wknd @drejohnson1

bratty_baker My youngest son is graduating from Catonsvillle Community College with a 3.66 GPA. So proud of Justin Carney!!!

mommiemida @drejohnson1 my son has a Chorus Competition at KINGS DOMINION! Then we’re hitting the water park!!!

luvmesomekenny Good morning!! I’m going to Pittsburgh for Bball tournament supporting my baby Branyelle and her 2018 MD Belles team! #beastmode#

lil_dannymommy GM Dre I will be in Ocean city with my son & nieces & nephews having a ball.😊

drkingdre Enjoying my 4 day weekend away from my stressful ass job

baltimore_jay What’s weekends? Ima be at work, maaaaaannnn

blizz40 My, daughter going to, her middle school dance tonight. Barclay in da house!

kianna______ having a graduation party and graduate college on Sunday!

lisha_justme Son graduates from kindergarten today and starting a new job at Game Sports and Social! Come out for good food!!!

stand4somethingorfall4anything Say it again!!!!!!


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