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1.5 million black men between the ages of 25-54 are missing from every day life, here in the U.S.

In a recent study conducted by Upshot Analysis they used figures from the most recent census reports and found some disturbing numbers.

Black men between the ages of 25-54, which is also known as the “prime” age,  are missing in all corners of the the country. 

In New York 120,000 prime age black men are missing!  In Chicago 40,000 are missing, 30,000 are missing in Philly and 19,000 are missing here in B’more.

  Even more disturbing, the numbers down south, from Charleston, South Carolina, to Alabama, Georgia on up to Ferguson…those numbers increase to hundreds of thousands.

…and guess what city has at least 10,000 black residents with the single largest proportion of missing black men?


The national average is -> for every 100 black women, there is only 83 black men, that’s 17 missing.

Even more haunting….

in Ferguson.. for every 100 black women there is only 60 black men accounted for, 40 men missing.

Props to the New York Times and Upshot for shedding more light on this horrific truth but let’s keep it real. 

These men aren’t just missing…. like misplaced, kidnapped or alien abduction.

We all know what happened to them…Just turn on the news.



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