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April Fools Day

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Dre’s #Breakfastbite.. Today is April Fool’s Day! Give an example on how you played the fool?


creatingelation @drejohnson1 I played the fool every time I forgave him, until I didn’t forgive him anymore….

flowsuniquely4u I played the fool believing I could change a man who was not willing to change himself.

dark_circus_ringleader @drejohnson1 I was a fool when I walked away from my music for awhile, dont worry cause now im back

amthebossbitxh33 The world end tomorrow🌎 @drejohnson1

blizz40 I played the fool by thinking the ppl in my circle were really my friends!!!

John Quinton Gregory Just told the kids school was close they jumping all around. 7am they will find out it’s APRIL FOOL, get the HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

Krystal Smith Hid my husbands brand new lexus

Vonnie Fatz Long One yr I had one of my patient’s pretend to have fallen and bust they head. I stage blood around their head and started screaming for help. Got to top that today

Kevin Boardley I will pretend I was locked up

CenfullylovingGod Brooks Call me job and said I quit


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