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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. Ray Rice could be reinstated to the NFL within a month. What are your thoughts? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎MARYLAND‬ ‪#‎bmore‬


mani_and_puda_dad Glad he coming bk know all ppl who exchanged his jersey what they gone do now smh.

phrozen_pisces That’s good news he deserves a 2nd chance.

dee_223 Let him live…

__s_h_e_e_n_a__ The man has to wear his helmet….. how the fuck does that sound ain’t no damn RULE!!!!

@desi4018 ……….people stop being so negative EVERYBODY’S in this world make mistakes and yes he entitled to make one mistake……..YES GIVE HIM HIS HELMET/UNIFORM BACK!!!! I LOVE MY TEAM RAVENS

_geminibaby_82 He human ! He still has to support his family! Let him live a Lil bit ! I’m happy!

mr_fts He deserve to be …. double jeopardy applies to all situations. .. this is his lively hood. When ppl in authority have misconduct reprimands it’s not the end to their career!

kushingtonsteele I thinks it’s about time u can’t punish a man twice for the same crime tell the league stop using him as they scapegoat admit they messed up and let the man play

natethedriverfields I believe they did to much, I have worked with him and the NFL had the full tape back in April it was not an issue until TMZ released the tape and everyone else saw the film that they move forward with removing him from the team… You made your point it’s only right that he gets back in the NFL! @drejohnson1

trendyy_d9 Yessssss glad about it. #ravens nation

mrs_11_5 @drejohnson1 I don’t think that he should go back if he has a college degree he can take up what he major in cuz TBH I don’t want to be some were I’m not wanted after he left the ravens other cases open and other players lost their position I don’t care RAY Lewis should start a school or business or his own football team and tell the ravens I DONT FCK WIT CHU #rayrice

shelly526 He should. He had already received his punishment. They knew “something” happened on that elevator and chose to impose the penalty that they did. They only reacted to the fallout from the video publicly airing! @drejohnson1

sheis_alleyrenee I think he should be, if they were going to suspend him indefinitely, it should have been from the beginning and I would have no objections. He shouldn’t have to be punished twice…not fair!

living_lovin13 It was dbl jeopardy how they did him, glad he will get another shot but sadly it won’t be with where he started to build his legacy .

desi4018 Smh.. What a world we live in.

lamontegphotography @drejohnson1 People are way more judgmental when the situation is about someone else. Put any one of us in his shoes and we’d be fighting to get reinstated too. IMHO Ray was wrong but the Ravens and the NFL made a calculated decision that wasn’t just based on the incident. Ray’s declining stats played a large part in their decision. He’ll get back in but in what capacity? I hope he is able to work for the organization in some off the field. Unless he’s got some magic new moves I don’t see him getting 2 or 3 yards per carry. Teams got hip to his game and totally shut him down.

blizz40 I’m glad to hear that but I think this will be a challenge for him and the team Members that didn’t support him.

jakiaiam He needs his job he should be reinstated hopefully he learned his lesson …

westside_mugz Alot Of teams Can’t Wait For Rice

nay_bo Glad to hear that…… I no one thing he shouldn’t play for the Ravens thèy did him dirty an dont get me wrong that’s my team but that shit wasn’t rite

Sean West About time

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Bout damn time!

Be Kashia I say give that man back his job… they know they been saw the tape. It became a problem when the public saw the tape. So if his now wife 4 gave him who are we 2 judge. # his personal life isn’t my business

Lexi Palmer I’m all for him being reinstated, but what team would hire him! He’s loss so much! Hopefully, they can pass his faults like God has! ?? #secondchances #rayrice

Travenia Mocha Anthony Excited!!

LaShawan Perkins He needs his job back they didn’t do Ben the same way.

Patricia Ray I hope it all works in his favor…

Sharbett Morton We are human and what he did was wrong but if God can forgive him leave him alone. Bc I’m til wearing his jersey and when he comes back he gonna come with the thunder…..

AnothermansTreasure Bateman All for it, they were wrong and they know it, just hope he doesn’t have a hard time getting drafted. Love you Ray Rice, btw I still wear my scrubs with your name on them. Good luck and God bless.

Harold Jenkins ‏@HAJ3RD What’s up my G @DreJohnson1 he need to be back, mistakes run the world, it’s what make is better, ability to learn from them #breakfastbite


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