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Dre’s ‪#‎breakfastbite‬.. What is your process of letting go of people, places & things? ‪#‎92qjams‬ ‪#‎baltimore‬ ‪#‎MARYLAND‬ ‪#‎bmore‬ ‪#‎wednesday‬

Tanaye Brooks You found out the true them in the end.

La Kendra Like a band aid do it quick ! It will hurt at first but the pain quickly fades.

Trubill Rico ‏@TRUBILLRICOREED @DreJohnson1 , I USUALLY allow things to RUN IT’S COURSE, but, if it (GETS REAL,) GOT NO RAP#TRUBILL

Helen Washington ‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Dre baby, I could NEVER let you go!! Lol Good morning honey bun!!

Free Jackson ‏@MsFreeza @DreJohnson1 prayer…that’s it and that’s all prayer.

mrchevyent Getting away setting new goals n thru time heals all wounds #Mrchevy

bratty_baker As far as people, if I feel they negatively affect my life it’s an immediate cut. It’s a mental process for me, rationalizing in my mind of the importance or lack of for me.

mani_and_puda_dad Things come and go ppl well if its all bout my family if you not about that or making $then i dont need you

kima_1972nproud Moving forward , always put God first, and everything else will fall in place

djsaloot Prioritizing things in my life and focusing on self is how I let go of things and or people tht aren’t good for me… #loveyourselfmore.. morning fam


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