Apollo is facing eight more years in jail! Will Phaedra stay with him through another bid?

Would you stay with a lover that cannot seem to stay out of jail?

  • Nope!! Sorry!! We’re supposed to be trying to build an empire – not steal it brick by brick!!!
  • Nope and your lover shouldn’t expect you too..
  • If he went to jail trying to protect me from something or if I was the reason he went to jail (I convinced him to do something)I would but if not then no I’m not going to play the waiting game. He knew the consequences when he committed the crime.
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  • Well for better or WORSE. There is no clear definition of what worse can be in a marriage. He makes bad choices consistently so he may need to look deep within himself.
  • No, you get one ride then I’m done.
  • To death do us part!

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