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Beyonce is killing the game right now – dropped a self-titled album unannounced and is now up to a million plus copies sold… the Queen Bey is definitely not playing with her hit single featuring her husband Jay Z, “Drunk In Love” which is getting radio play non stop.

But should people leave  good enough alone or try to attempt to make their own version of the hit record?

Well it seems like people are having “Drunk In Love” fever going around, three artist have came up and tried to make there own version of this record. First Kanye West, Then there was The Weekend. Now there is another version of this song that has surfaced and it looks like that the king of the south himself yes T.I. made a crack at the remix.

Let me know what you think, Is the remix dope or do they just need to Leave It for Beyonce?

you say what.

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