Our Ravens lost to the Bills (23-20) Sunday in Buffalo, which makes Baltimore (2-2).

Dre’s #breakfastbite..  Take the Baltimore Ravens Report Card. How would you grade the Ravens performance against the Bills? #92qjams #Baltimore #ravensnation #bmore # Maryland

y_soo_seriouss I give Flacco W+ for Wtf were u doing. The rest of the team a C+

_kaylahicks I give them an E 50% work only gets barely 20 points! Not at their full potential!!!!! @drejohnson1

long_live_vito I give the overall ravens a B. Defense looked good except for a lor hiccup. But Joe Flacco and Dallas Clark, I give them boys a D. You getting 120 million to not throw 5 interceptions get it together. Dallas Clark, you need to start catching the ball Bruh. @drejohnson1

doeboyr7 D as always!!!! @drejohnson1 not going to make playoffs like that!!

1_and_0nly_quan @drejohnson1 a couple of them interceptions weren’t flaccos fault they were tipped by receivers with bad hands yesterday defense is iffy were gonna have good days and bad yesterday was closer to bad than good shoot we lost our last four games last year and won the Super Bowl anything can happen were only four games in

smilez_n_legz Flacco gets a huge F!! Wtf was he doing? All that money down the drain im a ravens fan but I never liked wacko flacco.

imkandie Team B-, Flacco F–. The turnovers cost the game. Who was he throwing to all game? @drejohnson1

terrell75 I give them a B because if u look at the game, the Ravens had a bunch of penalties, 5 interceptions, they didn’t use there running backs the whole 3rd quarter and they still only lost by three. Most of the interceptions came from the receivers not catching the ball. The Ravens have a whole new look to there team, they will be ok. @drejohnson1

ashleybrewton I’d give the Ravens a C+ and that’s it. We had so many penalties and all those interceptions. Flacco tried but he’s bit the only one to blame for the Ravens loss @drejohnson1 @drejohnson1

lady_raven81 I give my team a B+….. Yeah we had a lot of penalties soooooo at least were not 0-4 IJS…….

the_zulu_digital A least we 1st in the afc north even know the O got a F all the turnovers and the D got a C

carwashshorty They still lost lmao

playhrdball I rate a D

jptrintaylor YoTired of getin ready to brake my tv.. ill give my boys C +

Selma Candowithout Fulgham Poor

Jermaine Townes Play callin gets a F we have 2 run tha ball 2 win..gotta do better purple city

Corey Harold D

Suzie Shelly De’Nise Carmichael D-

Pat Bush-Johnson Not good!

Natasha Morton-Dixon D. And give them Detention

Latia Davis Dre I’m not mad at the ravens game because majority of the Buffalo Bills was built like Buffalo Ravens nation all day

J.Taylor‏@JTaylorfutrRvp @DreJohnson1 the ravens one word “unprepared”

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Yesterday was a shared failure 4 every Raven who suited up, some should b expelled/exiled/shame 2 show their face☹Morning Dre*

Chanelle Williams‏@ChanelleNell @DreJohnson1 Yesterday was a very bad day… I have to say D

Andre Da’Giant ™‏@AndreDaGiant410 @DreJohnson1 ‘C’ because they played it out to the end.

Marcel™‏@king_phoenix410 @DreJohnson1 F- we paid all that money for Flacco? He’s a joke!

Toiya Best‏@ThickDiva428 @DreJohnson1 They get a big fat ” F”!!! That crap was horrible!!!!! Was that honest enough for you?? Lol Gm Dre!!!

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