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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Name two of your guilty pleasures? #92qjams #Thirstythursday #bmore #BALTIMORE #maryland

DJDeeLamont‏@DJDeeLamont @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite Chipotle and Chickfila lemonade. If they delivered I would be FATTER

Urbanwulf‏@Urbanwulf @DreJohnson1 tweeting while driving and video games

@drunn02‏@Drunn02 @DreJohnson1 guilty pleasure def tequila makes me feel like I can take on the world

Catch22 #UrbanRock‏@ImCatch22 @DreJohnson1 yoo I gotta have the gym and some snickers ice cream

larri alston‏@larrialston @DreJohnson1 Ice cream & reality tv* The perfect combination with disastrous results…Have a wonderful #Thursday ♥

Brit‏@BettertobeB @DreJohnson1 #breakfastbite #92qjams Saturday afternoon naps & coconut rum

Latisha Crowder Giving h**d , cake

Dominic Day Sr. Life saverz gummiez candy & watchin Serena whip butt @ tennis

Timeka Wright Getting my scalp scratched and butter pecan icecream/iced oatmeal

boogie_thegr8Reality TV & Beating other peoples Bad Ass Kids!!! Gm Dre

polosandbuttonups Shoes and food I love to eat

wiz_otis Reality tv & turning the heat all the way to 100 & leaving work.i do that almost every day lol

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 multiple organisms & watching movies

brace_yourself327 I’m trying to narrow them down…

longlivevito88 Reality shows, and skrippers and skrip clubs, lol. @drejohnson1

tammyp2003 Law and order SVU reruns and GSN are now my top 2!

mrscookie73 @drejohnson1 fat snow crab legs & steamed strimp with melted butter #cleanversion

nodramaclint83 @drejohnson1 guilty pleasure is eating cereal 1am & sponge Bob Lls #bigkid

misslenajames @drejohnson1 I can’t say 1 but another is pretty little liars

blessingsarereal Investigation discovery channel, professionally dressed black women

prettybrowneyes_ebony724 Son of anarchy an males with pretty smiles @drejohnson1

partypassionista Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and French fries from McDonald’s

19eightythree songs by big homie quan 😂😂

myamibsonyprlady Starbucks mocha Cookie crumble and a BMW (black man working)

ericwilson35 Love n hip hop atlanta…

lilzumbamami smoking Mary Jane n partying my ass off every Saturday nite

bchennelle Butter Pecan & I can’t say the other! Lol

imabossboo Reese’s pieces & watching porn😝😂

mrscampbell312 Porn & mc wraps from Mc Donald’s

yourfavoriteolivia CHOCOLATE…..and sex :)

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