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RS: How much? Half a million?

BC: Half a million.

RS: Half a million? You know …

BC: For killing an unarmed child.

RS: Yeah. And folks, these folks out here sending money to protect him and to protect their own? What are we going to do? Have we sent a dime to the NAACP? Or the SCLC, or 100 Black Men? Or the National Action Network? What are we doing? Send money. We go out here and buy all this stuff that we don’t need, or whatever. You know, buy what you want to buy, do what you want to do with your money, but let’s keep our priorities intact and let’s go out and where our organizations can stay strong and have money to fight for us. For us. That’s all, that’s all we saying. So …

SF: One of the things, Rickey is too, is the reason we want to take something negative and turn it into a positive, and that’s why we created the Trayvon Martin Foundation. So we think that that will help other families. That will help the other victims of senseless gun violence that will help us to support trying to change the laws, especially the Stand Your Ground law because it does not work for us.

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RS: That’s right. Go out and see Fruitvale Station. You want to get moving to do something? You want to get moving to action? Go out and see Fruitvale Station, stuff like that. You, and Tracy, Sybrina, thank you all so much. Dog team, appreciate you bro.

TM: Hey, thank you Rickey.

BC: Thank you.

RS: Hey, thank …

BC: We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

RS: Yes, sir. Give them a round of applause. Show some love. (Applause) Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. God bless you, it’s “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”


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