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ES: Wow, okay, so once again we are talking to the parents of Trayvon Martin; Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, and I think Attorney Crump is on the phone as well, good morning to you.

BENJAMIN CRUMP: Good morning.

ES: So, from you guys, do you all think the prosecution did a good job presenting the case?

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BC: Well, I will say this, Rickey; we applaud her for taking the case. Florida has 67 counties, 66 prosecutors in the state would not have taken the case to prosecute against George Zimmerman, no matter what the evidence is, so we applaud her for that. Whether she employed the strategies I would’ve employed, all lawyers have different styles, but I think at the heart of the matter they said at the end of the roles were reversed what would your verdict be? And I think that is the heart of this case, it has always been the heart of this case, can a little black boy, anywhere in America, get equal justice just as a little white boy. And, you know, that question was answered in some ways.

HEADKRACK: Now, just as important as like the persecution, Mr. Martin, the body language of the jurors; do you feel like the jurors were at any, were at any, in any way sympathetic or understanding of the severity of what was going on? Or do you think they kind of walked in there and kind of had their mind made up as to what they were going to do before the case even started?

TM: Well, certainly you know, you would hope that they didn’t have their minds made up from the get go. We just, I just as a parent, as an African-American male, I just felt as though the jurors didn’t look at the case through African-American eyes. And they couldn’t, I mean as mothers you know that they were, they had to be somewhat sympathetic, but could they see Trayvon for who Trayvon really was? And that’s my biggest thing is that I just thought as though they didn’t see it from my perspective.

RS: So I know that you y’all met the National Action Network and some of the, some of our prominent African-American pastors met with the United States Justice Department. Do you think that they’ll be bringing federal charges? And this is for the attorney; do you think they’ll be bringing federal charges? And the second part of that question is; do you think George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights? And I think that’s what the crust of that case would be, correct?

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BC: Correct. And I know Sybrina and Tracy and our legal team will be meeting with the Justice Department tomorrow. And so what we’re trying to frame the issues, it’s real simple, because it effects more than just Trayvon, and that’s what is so commendable about Tracy and Sybrina. They understand the fight is not just for them, it’s much bigger, because they can’t bring Trayvon back. They’re fighting to protect other children. The issue can our children be profiled, followed and confronted by any private citizen with a nine millimeter gun because the United States Supreme Court can’t even, won’t allow police to profile just on race alone. So with that being the issue is the neighborhood watch private citizens of the world going to have more rights than the police? And if so, we need to know, because we need to know what to tell our children. And if not then the killer of Trayvon Benjamin Martin should be held accountable for violating his civil rights. Whether the Justice Department would do that, Rick, is going to be on us as a community to keep them vocal and be vigilant. If we shut up I can guarantee you they won’t do it.

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