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This morning, the air conditioning unit broke down (temporarily) in our building! (shouts to our chief engineer KG…we’re flowing again)

Unfortunately, for those who are experiencing a broken AC or never had one in the first place, it’s difficult to even think about how you’d survive on a hot day like today!

Follow these tips and be safe out there:

  1. Block extra sunlight coming through the windows. Sunlight is great for plants and cutting down on the light bill, but right now the sun is heating up the house. Completely cover as much light as we can from the windows.
  2. Do not cook on stove tops or in the oven. The stove and oven give off lots of heat. If something must be warmed up, use a microwave. A microwave will still give off heat, but much less than a stove or oven.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Take a cool shower for a fast cool down.


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