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After a few years of relaxing, coloring and flat ironing (looking fierce I might add), I’ve decided to give my overly processed trends a breather.

If you made the decision to transform from relaxed to natural, then you know what I’m going through! I’m not a fro chick! Not tryna start a movement; just want my hair to breathe a bit and grow!

Here are a few tips I found online that might help us reach the Natural Life:

The ‘Big chop’ (BC)

This is the quickest option. You take a pair of scissors and cut the relaxed hair off. You could go to a hairdresser to do it, but don’t be surprised if they’re reluctant to do it or try and change your mind. You could choose a family friend to do it for you, or you could do it yourself. Make sure that you have a good mirror if you do do it yourself.

Grow it out

The boundary between the relaxed and natural hair is fragile, so this option usually involves protecting the hair with as little manipulation as possible. You could protect your hair under a weave, in braids, cornrows, twists, etc. Because of that fragile boundary between the hair types you need to choose a hairstyle that will last a long time, so you’re not constantly in your hair. Please remember that your hair won’t just break off if you stop relaxing- people go months without relaxing and they haven’t lost their hair. If you’re really worried about how you’re look with short hair, this option is the best for you.


Texturises are mild relaxers which loosen your curls instead of straightening them. Texturised hair is NOT natural, no matter how hard some texturised heads claim that it is. Once a chemical (relaxer, texturiser, hair dye, etc) changes your hair permanently, you’re no longer natural.

This option involves switching the relaxer for a texturiser, so you get acquainted with caring for curlier hair. When you are ready, stop texturising and stay with your natural hair.

For pros and cons to these options, click here!



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