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With the launch of video sites like YouTube, the world was introduced to the phenomenon of Viral Videos.  These videos spread organically across the internet as people forwarded links to their friends to videos that they found to be hilarious.

10.  Weatherman VS Cockroach
This local weatherman encounters a cockroach while on the job and hilarity ensues.

9.  Alexyss K. Tylor Talks About Penis Power

There’s gold to be found on public access.  Just watch this clip of Alexyss K Tylor’s show from Atlanta’s public access channels.  (NSFW – Very explicit language)

Click here to view the video……

8. Hitler Finds Out Michael Jackson Died

7. T-Baby “It’s So Cold In The D”

6. The Leprechaun of Mobile, Alabama

5. The Best Wedding Entrance Ever

4. David After The Dentist

3. Why Must I Cry

2. Auto-Tune the News

1. Will Ferrell’s LandLord

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