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Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Happy Monday! What grade would you give the Ravens 25-15 win against Cleveland? @92qjamsbmore @drejohnson1

Scrooge McDuck‏@thisisdking @DreJohnson1 A- in the 1st half D- in the 2nd half due to Cam Cameron’s play calling.

Helen Washington‏@LynnWashington @DreJohnson1 Dude, you already know!! As a teacher, I’m giving them after school detention!! They’d receive a B-, but only because they won!

TrixR4Kidz‏@_SideEYE @DreJohnson1 GM Dre! I’ll give them a B-. It was ugly but it was a win.

Raven’s Nation‏@Ravensdfens @DreJohnson1 ughhh we looked like ish our offense looks stale and stagnant and our defense is ok but not the same I will say a C- cuz we won.

Latonia(Tootsie)‏@joylove2see @DreJohnson1 I would give them a B+ Defense needs some improvement glad the 4th quarter brought us in some scores.

Elise Wright‏@_MizWright_@DreJohnson1 I would give the #Ravens a B +. If they wanna wn the super bowl they have to keep consistent on the run, pass, and touchdowns.

Shea B‏@SignalsCrossin @DreJohnson1 they started out as an A then got quite lazy drop to a C.. So I average it out to a B.. Due to the Win!! Good morning babe!

Rashawn‏@Rashawn410 @DreJohnson1 I would give them a c+ It wasn’t pretty but I will take a win on the road anyway we can get it.

Corey Harold For it to be the ravens I give em a C-

Vonnie Fatz Long Not a FAN but a B- for the fact they need a NEW Coach. And they don’t seem to be amp up like last yr.

Jemar McCoy A. For they been doing extremely well this season..

Jermaine Townes B- and still gotta stay after school…Gotta do better PURPLE CITY…

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden I agree ^^^^. Defense finally showed up this game but forgot somethings. Staying after school might actually help them because Ray Rice and the offense cannot continue to carry this team…it has to be a COLLABORATIVE effort. Morning Dre!!

mrs_henry10 Hahaha they still some Bums they was supposed 2 beat the shit out the Browns @drejohnson11h

morgie_smorgieC- because they played the 1st and 4th quarters. Where we’re the other two? They gotta play the whole game. That’s that inconsistency we need to work on #ravensnation @drejohnson

nicolecap22Grade is C but what really matters is the Ravens got the W @drejohnson

mr_robinson_est11I will give them an B…… james da great taking back to the tunnel days.

mr_tmasonI say a c+ at the game we got to get tuned up for those squeelers

luv4fattasticUmm they get a C but we will see that C become an F when they play my Steelers!!!!


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