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How do you keep the spark in your relationship lit? Do you find there are times in your relationships that can seem alittle “drafty” or “dry”? Does it mean we’re settling? Why is it so hard to address or so hard to leave and find happiness somewhere else?

What I found so crazy is that our partners don’t even know the relationship is in trouble!




Here are a few signs you might be in relationship trouble:



Disagreements break out into arguments.

Disagreeing is a part of life, and positive debates and arguments are the better part of a healthy relationship that allows you to learn of and bond with your other. In this scenario, I’m talking about flat-out yelling, screaming, and tantrum explosions. Where there are really no arguments rather than attempts at one-sided force or driving the other away.



The thought of them or their presence brings a negative feeling.

This one is pretty extreme but it does happen. Simply the sight of them entering the room is enough to lower your mood and depress you; this also goes hand in hand with any thought of them lowers your mood. If there is enough conflict and negativity, this is a definite possibility.



You stop caring

You don’t think of your friend or love anymore… More importantly, when they come to mind, it doesn’t elicit any emotion or extra thoughts about them.



You feel a constant “Disconnect”

This one is a little hard to explain. You know your close friends or your partner and there is a strange “unity” or pattern that keeps you together. When you feel this slip away or disappear all-together it may be time to re-think and figure out where it went.


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