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I know your probably thinking why is Lil Kims Boyfriend promising new music and not Kim herself. Well here is a little bit of a background to this story.

Lil Kims fans say she is selfish’ for placing men before her career in music yet again, when she and members of her team refused to answer questions regarding the release of new music they had been promised since last year.

This, after they threatened to shut down her official fan site when she put the release of a 2011 Holiday EP on hold to support Floyd Mayweather Jnr. Now Kims latest distraction Kim’s latest distraction,boyfriend ‘Mr Papers‘ has spoken out against the criticism his boo has been getting.

His promise below, along with all the back n forth action between Kim & her fans!

I promise my Babygirl is in the “Studio” putting something Crazy together for yal!!!

 Lil’Kim| Worldwide| @TeamQBLilKim

Where is the old @LilKim back in the 90’s and early 00’s ????? B/c this new Kim keep leading us on with a lie ! Where is ???

Lil’ Kim

Hey there is a rumor I will be at Starlets in Queens this Sunday. That is not true. Don’t want to let U guys down!!! RT

@LilKim : Ummmmmmm… You let us down when you didn’t drop Looks Like Money sooo….

The krimlins are dropping like flies from teamkim . Lmfao .

#Dead lil kim just lost the rest of her fans! lol its funny cuz her boyfriend caused it!!! lmbo

Well not sure what the verdict will be for lil Kim but she has yet to respond to all of this madness.

What do you think about Lil Kim and her love for men and not the game?

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