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Ok so i am a HUGEEEEE fan of color blocking, and this summer that’s what it’s all about! Celebs have been spotted with the trend and most shops you walk into are covered in a variety of bright colors. Even though this isn’t a new trend however I’m glad it’s making a comeback, especially just in time for SUMMER! While in winter we were in hibernation with basic natural hues, this summer it’s time to be bold and step out of that comfort zone and start pairing contrasting colors next to one another. Not sure how to color block? Well here’s how!


Simply put, color blocking is wearing more than one bright color at a time. It’s not a trend that most women embrace for fear that they won’t be figure flattering or the worse offense, they won’t be age appropriate. One wrong move can put you in either box, so you must be careful. It’s about colors that complement your eye color and/or skin tone. Pick colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel look at all of your options of colors that compliment each other!


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