With the summer here and love in the air now is the perfect time to talk to your kids about SEX. I know as a parent myself this can be a challenge as it is often uncomfortable and confusing to your child depending on their age. With kids having sex at an earlier age it’s important to talk to them about the risk and the emotions that come along with engaging in sexual intercourse.  The “Talk” is different for boys and girls and that being the case here are a few tips for each gender on the topic of sex.

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For Boys:

1)      Take advantage of opportunities to discuss the subject like when sex is being mentioned on television. Ask your child their opinion on sex to see how much they know and inform them with your personal knowledge on the subject.

 2)      Don’t expect them to just “Open Up” about how they feel on the subject of sex. Put them in a position where they feel comfortable about talking about it. It could start with mentioning a crush they might have and taking it from there.

 3)       Communicate your feeling and if they’re old enough explain the mechanics of sex and reproduction. Its best to approach this subject carefully especially if your son is young. But if they’re older then go into details about how things happen, subtly!!!

4)      Encourage them to come to you when it’s time to discuss the matters of sex. Find out what their friends have told them and let them know the TRUTH!!! Explain how you were introduced to sex and impart your knowledge of the subject on them based on your past experiences with love and relationships.

 For Girls:

1)      Make yourself available to your daughter and let her know that she can talk to you about anything. Especially sex.

2)    BE HONEST!!! Don’t tell your daughter that you were a virgin until marriage and you weren’t. Let her know that sex involves many risk physically and emotionally and that just because her friends are doing it doesn’t mean she has to.

3)      Choose a good time and place to discuss the topic so that she feels comfortable. A car ride or a trip shopping at the mall is a nice place to start so she doesn’t feel pressured.

4)      Explain to her the risk of sex such as pregnancy and the emotions that get involved when sex comes into play. Let her know that if she feel like she’s ready to have sex to come to you so she can do so safely.

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