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So, you’re a college grad and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself right? I’m sure you do!


All this week, I’ve been giving you tips on how to cope with life POST COLLEGE GRADUATION and today, let’s focus on the “NEXT FACTOR”. You still don’t have a job and you’re trying to figure out what to do next!

Here are a few tips that may just help you out alittle:

1. Stay positive. Just because you’re not working right now doesn’t mean you’ve failed or that you’re going to. Stay positive! The right job will come at the right time!


2. Get a part-time job. Nothing wrong with working at the neighborhood car wash with a master’s degree in sociology! It’s just something to keep you busy and pay your cellphone bill until you can get your REAL job! Plus, you get a free car wash! (winning!!!)


3. Be willing to make a move. I know it’s a wonderful thing when Mom and Dad are right around the corner and you can stop by to eat Sunday dinner and wash your clothes whenever you want.

As Toni Braxton would say “it’s time to put on your big girl/boy panties” and make that move to grown-up ville! You may have to leave your hometown to get that dream job! It’s something I had to do and look at me?

I recently received my BA in Business Management and I don’t know if my degree will land me in a career in Baltimore or Philly! I just know that I spent alot of money and time trying to get this degree and wherever it will take me, I’m there!!!

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