So I’m surfing the internet trying to find gift ideas for father’s who are single dad’s on Mother’s Day. Can you believe there AREN’T ANY SITES AVAILABLE???


Yeah, it’s Mother’s Day but look around! There’s alot of guys out there, raising their children by themselves and they need some love too! But what can you get a single father on Mother’s Day? (shrugs sholders)

If you ask a single dad what he wants for “Mother’s Day”, he’d answer in a humble voice “ah..nothing man! I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do!” Yeah, he’s so modest, but don’t think he’s serious!

Here are a few gift ideas for that single dad celebrating Mother’ s Day:

1. Jewelry (a bracelet or necklace, tie or money clip, cuff links)


2. Gift certificate to a batting cage, golf course, bowling alley.


3. Gift basket (that’s masculine!) that inlcudes his favorite cologne, t-shirts, underwear, socks, his favorite candy, “dude flicks”, and some cleaver coupons that he can use like “A Day Away” or “Daddy Gets All The Kisses”. Something he can do that is away from the kids and he can be a grown up for once!


4. Time with the guys! (self explanatory)


These are just a few ideas that might work! To all the men who have taken the role of Mommy & Daddy….YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

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