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Four recreation centers in West Baltimore are scheduled to close at the end of summer while $19 million will be spent to build and renovate others.

The centers are Crispus Attucks, Parkview, Central Rosemont and Harlem Park. Meanwhile, the city plans to build centers in Morrell Park, Cherry Hill and Clifton Park and Patterson Park.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has warned for nearly two years that the centers could close as part of a plan to streamline recreation funding.

A spokesman said City Council President Bernard “Jack” Young was “extremely disappointed” by the mayor’s decision.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. 4 West Baltimore rec centers to close and 19 million will build and renovate others. Your thoughts?

“@NeoKiddRoss: Abandoned houses, no recreation parks or centers, what’s really going on?

“@83CONWAY: Yo the mayor makes the dumbest decisions .. I rather have Sheila back in office ..”

“@urbanwulf: it’s important that we keep those centers open. You never know it might be all they have.”

“@DJ_LemonAAde: the more recs they close leads to more kids turning to the streets. Somebody is not seeing that. Gm fam…”

“@thisisdking: since we had a mild winter the city could take the money from the snow removal & keep the Rec centers open”

Selma Fulgham Thats fine, but ya need a new mayor.

David Hayden THE GovT always say the children are our future how can that be when everytime they make cuts its rec centers or schools we need these rec centers to keep these kids off the streets!

April Bradley Ok I am disgusted with Blake too but at the end of the day these are your kids. If the rec is no longer an option send them to camp, have them get a summer job, or volunteer somewhere. And remember this when its time to vote.

Toria Hill Let us reform our schools/recs/youth programs, and we shall find little reform needed in our prisons. How long will the building and renovations take? Will my kids be adults by then, or will they be built and renovatd AFTER they have received a profit from a new jail facility?

MeMejuicy Dixon-Johnson the Rec centers are very important to our youth, it keeps them busy.


Eryn Brown We need to keep these kids busy with something positive for them to do. This is crazy!

Vonnie Fatz Long THE GOVERNMENT SUCKS. POINT BLANK….. Keep the crime going seems to be their motto.

Yvonne Artis That`s Crazy and they Wonder Why so many youth are Incarcerated or on Probation? NOTHING TO OCCUPY THE MIND OR TIME!!! IDLE TIME = AND Idle Man!

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