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Are you thriving off of only four hours of sleep? Are you unable to get up in the morning? Are you drinking coffee to stay awake? Well, it sounds like you are not getting the proper amount of sleep at night. Don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. But you have to do something about this problem.

1. Turn the thermostat temperature down as low as you can get away with. Do this as soon as you enter your work place. The cool temperature will keep your body awake at work

2. Make a large pot of strong coffee before you head to your desk to start your day at work on no sleep.

3. Stop at the bathroom on the way to your desk. Wet a paper towel with cold water. Pat your face with the cold paper towel to wake you up.

4. Start working on a project that will keep you very busy all day. This will keep your mind active and will keep you awake with no sleep.

5. Go to the coffee pot as soon as it is done brewing and fill your cup up. Repeat this step every time your coffee mug is empty.

6. If you do not have a high tolerance for caffeine alternate a mug of coffee then a bottle of water to keep you awake at work on no sleep.

7. Do not close your eyes for even a minute. You will wake up to a very angry boss standing over you if you do this.

Just remember this, if you snooze you loose!

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