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Earlier this week, I had the oppurtunity to talk to one of the most vocal and popular stars of Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives’, Tami Roman. Joined by 92Q Midday personality, Kiki Brown, we were able to discuss everything from her days of ‘Real World’ to going thru Therapy for her anger issues. Tami was very open about putting the producers on blast for how they are portraying her, that reality check being nice, how the show has allowed her to create oppurtunities, Tamia’s comments about BBW, her upcoming movies, Project Girl Charity, being a momager, her alter ego, and her plans to dilute her BBW image so that we can see the real her. Plus, Tami could also be getting a spin-off show. Check out excerpts and the full interview after the jump!!

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How Suzie almost caught it in the last episode over the “food stamp” comment:

“That’s why I told her she needs to thank my therapist, because I really have been taking that seriously I really have been working on me because had that been last season, she would have tore up.”

Producers painting a bad picture of you, but you stay. Money vs Integrity:

“I’m not going to lie and say what people see isn’t me, That is an element of my personality and up until now the producers have done a fairly decent job on paint the picture of what actually happens in those moments. This is my first experience with them. That’s why I’m putting them on blast every time somethings not right. I don’t really think that’s smart because if there is a season 5 or therafter, I don’t have to participate. So for me, they need to think very carefully and wisely on it because we don’t have to be in each other’s space. ……..but the check is good.”

Being called a hyprocrite with her own T-shirt line, after she got mad at Evelyn last season:

“I felt that phrase ” a non motherf*ckin factor) was specifically to me. …Evelyn has her hustle. The same goes for me. I’ve said some one-liners. I’ve got to put 2 kids through college, so let me see what I can get poppin’.”

Her own hairline, Curls By Roman:

“I have started my own hairline. out of that deal, spawned me getting an endorsement to be the new face of Bonner Brothers product coming out called ‘For Natural.’ I’m taking this oppurtunity and turning it into things I believe in or that is natural/organic to me . I love heair. I’ve been wearing a weave since I was 15 years old, so I’m trying to do things that I can really relate to. This show has opened doors for that and I’m thankful for that.”

Her Project Girl Charity:

“I mentor young girls and take them to have them perform monologues that are relative and specific to their lives. They perform those and go out to mentor children who may be going through those situations….I’m just trying to dilute that imagery that folks see on basketball wives because they are not getting the full picture of me.”

Can we blame reality shows for messing up friendships (ie Jennifer & Evelyn):

“Things come to life thru reality tv.”

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