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The MTA is proposing to state lawmakers a 65 cents fare increase — a 40 percent increase.

The current basic one-way fare on Bus, Subway and Light Rail would up from $1.60 to $2.25 in 2012 .

MTA rates have been the same since 2003.

Question: The MTA Proposes a 65 cents fare increase for Bus, Subway and Light Rail service.

Mekelle Mccormick-GM! That’s why I have two personal hacks to get me where I have to go. What’s $1-$3 more? At least I won’t be late, don’t have to smell funk and won’t carry home a roach. The buses have roaches!! You can see them crawling out of people bags and onto someone elses. EEEEWWW!

Natasha Hinton- That’s highway robbery and I don’t even ride the bus!

Patricia Ma Ma Johnson -More money with more poor service! ijs!

“@CitySwagKae: @DreJohnson1 F.A.N.O, to get on the bus is 1.60 already wtf ppl”

“@MsBHaven76: I don’t ride pub transp. But the cost per month is still less than a car payment & filling up a gas tank 3 times a month.

“@10tiffany04: GM! I don’t catch it but thats crazy..Are they going to provide improved service & time w/ the increase? Prob NOT”

“@TrinaBellaRose: Unless they’re providing more and better service, they don’t need to go up on fare at all.

@B1GBABY: it’s not just fuel increases its also maintenance costs along with expansion of bus/train routes and buses are going green”

@SideEYE PrettyGalsofBmore @DreJohnson1 Gas prices increased and motorists had to adjust, so MTA patrons will complain.But if it’s necessary then what else would work?

@ThickDiva428 Toiya Best @DreJohnson1 don’t they get enough of people’s money?? They need to forget about a rate hike right now!

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