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Spring is coming! No, it isn’t here for sure yet but it is on it’s way! So, let’s prepare for spring by planning a vacation! We all need vacations! Especially those who are about to go on spring break! Here are a few tips on how to plan your trip safely while also having fun.

 You can have fun while on a budget, without overspending! Here are a few tips.

1. Take a realistic look at your finances to determine how much money you can afford to spend on Spring Break. When considering your budget it is important to prepare for the unexpected, assume everything will cost ten percent more than you expect it to.

2. Get together with a large group of friends and travel to the same place for Spring Break. If you can get together enough people you will qualify for group discounts on accommodations and other expenses.

3. Check with the Director of Student Activities at your college to see if any of the groups or organizations on campus have already arranged group discount travel and have any seats available.

For More Click Here http://www.ehow.com/how_2154245_plan-spring-break-budget.html