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Prego Pics…Like or Dislike?

Some of my fb friends and so many celebs have published nude maternity pics.  What do you think about it? Beautiful or inappropriate?

That is the Breakfast Bite Question.

Here is what some of the callers had to say…


Denise: if women can be half nude and not pregnant that pregnant women should be able to do the same.


Elisa:  it nice to do for you personal use or for your husband or baby father … but it should be kept private


Desi: depends on the pose…don’t be posin with you ball all out, holdin’ your belly with your sex face on


Stephanie: I think it’s beautiful


Melissa: it’s a beautiful expression of motherhood. If people don’t like ’em don’t look at ’em. 


John Thomas-Mason on fb said:   I think pregnancy makes a beautiful woman that much more beautiful. Can’t explain it.
What do you think?