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It was the fight seen around the world, and had everybody talking. Over the summer while Vh1 was taping the second season of ‘Love & Hip Hop’, word had broke about a big fight between Chrissy (Jim Jones’ lady) and Kimbella (Juelz Santana’s lady) because Kimbella had slept with Fabolous, while they were involved. In the opening show of the season, we see the fight.

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Yes, Kimbella was wrong for sleeping with Fabolous, while he was dating Emily. To be honest, this is questionable depending what day it is, Fab doesn’t necessarily claim her. Either way, in the snippet you see Chrissy pull out a can of whip-ass on Kimbella. Do you think it was wrong for Chrissy to jump in and fight Kimbella. Should Chrissy have let Emily handle it?

Since the incident, Chrissy has admitted that she is “embarassed” about the fight. During the viewing party over the weekend, she stated, “things happen in life, but I’m over it and I hope everybody else can be. I’m human and if I love, I love hard. I just saw my friend being hurt and that’s what I reacted to. And I know it’s about self-control; I’m working on it.”

The fight was between the ladies of Dipset members Jim Jones and Juelz Santana. Jim said him and Juelz have spoken about the situation, and all is well. “Me and Juelz [are] brothers so, you know, definitely a conversation was the first thing we had to have,” Jones said. “It was a sticky situation when that type of thing goes on, but me and Juelz have an infinite love for each other so we figured that out.” (Loop 21)