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Question: Ravens Report Card! What grade would give the team? How would you grade Flacco? Who would get MVP?

@3in3years: @DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore The team gets a B minus but Flacco gets a C and the mvp would go to Ray Rice

@DreJohnson1 @92QJamsBmore it was a grade F!!! David Reed and Cam Cameron need to in the unemployment line right now!!! Gm Dre!!

Jeremiah Warren yes I think a c- all the way through is about right. And as far as the mvp I’m undecided.

Trinini_indianki Ki Ki @DreJohnson1 i’d give the team a C-, Flacco a C he was a little off, and MVP Ed Dickson without a doubt he was killing in that game.

Corey Harold flacco get a d all day reed gets traded not ed reed…the fumable reed.


Riversallovame Pennix O~ D/ D~ C/ ST~ F/ Coachn~ F

Dean Anthony Smith F-

Richard Tyler What up Dre……the Ravens are still good ….give them 80 percent ….I give Flacco a B+ the should have ran the ball more ……MVP is Ray Rice ……

Eryn Brown I would give them a B minus right now last night something was on there minds and it wasn’t the game. Flacco a C and, MVP goes to my man Ed Reed always:) we win big games but fall short to under dog games!! Smh

Riversallovame Pennix Da fans should get MVP for watchn dat crap

Trina Whoelsebutme Selden Damn shame *shrugs* but we win some…we lose some…just too fuqn bad it was to Seattle smh. Flacco gets an E for effort…MVP Torry Smith/Anquan Bolden

Mekelle Mccormick I would give Flacco and the young boy Reed a fat F. When will the Ravens staff grow a set of OO and bench that overthrowing Flacco. Let Taylor come in and I bet Flacco arm gets better. Fire Cam!!

Corey Harold long as flacco qb…the ravens will be the same ravens every year…TRUST ME

MicDynamite West Sr. I give them a C at this point in the season all the kinks should be worked out by now.. Flacco needs to throw smarter, the whole problem is they got away from what makes Ravens the Baltimore Ravens. We are not flashy, we are in your face up the middle and there aint nothing u can do it about it. and just when u think we are going to run it again BOOM in the air we go.. Don’t JUST ABANDON THE RUN GAME. Let Ray Rice do what he does!!

Dionna Hunter I give them an A+ and a 100 because I’m proud of the fact that Baltimore has a football team and I support them even when they lose they can’t when every game however they play hard and the ones that they win they’re victorious in them. So Ravens All Day Long Baby!!!!

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