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Question: Your thoughts on the Ravens losing to the Titans Sunday?

Crystalthe Oneyou Lovetohate- Wow!! Damn i dont even have any thoughts on that 1!! Speechless.

Toiya Tko Best -It was terrible, but you can’t win them all!!!

Nikisha Frederick- A real Ravens fan knows you win some and you lose some! They still have time to win!

Crystalthe Oneyou Lovetohate- ‎@ nikisha true true!! But loose to the titans tho? That was a little shocking!

Nikisha Frederick -Yes ma’am I do understand that was a SHOCKER.

Gary GMajor White- Heard it was just as epic as the win over the Squeelers.

Priveledge Rmo- Honestly i think the ravens need to start tyrod taylor flacco is not as good as ravens fans claim ask around the league hes a joke he had a pro bowl recieving core along with ray rice last year and did what??

Vonnie Fatz Long -HA HA HA HA HA. LOL LOL LOL.LOL. HA.

Toiya Tko Best -Agreed Nikisha!!!!! Die hard Ravens Fan here, all wins matter to me but last weeks win was the best!!!!

Lassandra Roman Harp- I’m glad they got their ass whopping cause they was playing dirty last week against the steelers payback is a b**ch.

Toiya Tko Best -Like the Steelers don’t play dirty when they go against people!!!! Hines Whore is one of the dirtiest players ever, and he got his ass handed to him last week!!!!

Nicole Taking Charge Zahara- We should have won. But as long as we got the Steelers out of the way first I don’t care.

Toiya Tko Best -Agreed Nicole!!!!!

Mika Harris -‎#RavensNation enoygh said. Signed a true Ravens fan……

Ginnell Ray-Stanfield Purple Pain, It was disapointing yes, and very frustrating but it’s only the second game they got time to watch the tapes, regroup and come back swinging..

Tuhir Omar Smith- The Ravens weren’t able to plan for this new Titans team. And basically the corners got exposed..Reed, Lewis,Ngata and Suggs can’t do everything on the defense.

Makia Withanewsetofrules Henriques Well you not going win every game and at least we didnt get our ass whipped like we whip the steelers last sunday. So im still saying Go Ravens I love You win or loose.

Kimyatta Ricks- It wasnt a big loss. StilllovingtheRavens!

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