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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

This week your hands and mind are so alert that you sidestep situations where you sense conflict. Time now to close up several or any debts that linger to help your peace of mind. Increase intensity and discipline of exercise, the results have slowed down. Kick it into high gear. Have more fun with friends and family, it will help put the emotional issues behind you. Good and unexpected fortune is on your path, be sure to have both eyes open to find it. Love is peeking now, but shines brighter in the coming weeks.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Use your brain over brawn this week and you will come out on top. Money seems to be finding its way into your pockets over the coming months, do not be wasteful. Do not be so sensitive, you are starting to see things that are not really there among friends and associates. Do not give into something that your heart is telling you no, even if you are being pestered. You will save yourself some emotional drama. Face all your personal issues head on and watch them go away.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Mercury, the planet that rules your house goes retrograde this week. Extra attention to all written correspondence, verbal interactions, and all financial transactions. Not so much talk with very little action, some start to notice and label you having lots of hot air. Make moves with your plans before talking about it. Take advantage of contacts that can assist you with getting what your need. It is someone you know that opens a door for you. New job or opportunity is on deck, do your homework before saying yes; a better and more fitting opportunity comes quickly after. Getting all bent out of shape about trivial things is a waste of time and emotions. Communicate to your loved one how important they are, they need to hear it.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

This week you are marching to the beat of a motivated drummer. Something is moving you to try harder to make the things happen you want. Take full on advantage of this energy in your personal and professional life. Do not try to do everything that is in front of you, you will never get it done efficiently. Take your time and do it right. Time to face some hard facts and decide who and what needs to be eliminated from your life that is unproductive. A conflict with family member turns into a bigger conflict if you do not pick your words wisely; doing that will be well worth it. Face your personal problems and use your head to solve them. Do not rely on others for all the answers; some lie right there with you.

LEO – July 22 – August 23

Paying off loans and catching up on overdue bills should be top priority throughout the rest of this year. 2012 opens up with good money and career opportunities. Love life starts to show bigger and bigger glimmers of hope in the coming months, high time. Clear the clutter from home and office, you will be so much more motivated and efficient. Use your enthusiasm you use for others to conquer career stagnation. A challenge at work with co worker should be handled diplomatically without your losing your cool. You are not always right, you know.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Do not mix business with pleasure this week, major regrets will surface as a result. Get together with people that can offer you knowledge and expertise in what you’re striving to achieve. Thoughts about a move or change in environment continue to come to mind, be sure it is the right move before you leap. Stop trying so hard to figure out what’s the right answer and what’s the wrong answer, trust that your gut will make it for you. Becoming upset at work causes you grief and emotional stress; do not take it home with you. Leave work at work. Be ready to embrace an opportunity that you have been waiting for to show its head. Be more patient with lover; allow them to show just how much they care.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Honesty is the best policy this week. Things come back to haunt you if you are not and cause emotional distress. Sharing thoughts with those more like you will prove be a good move in reaching your furthest goals. Money is a bit a miss right now but in about 2 weeks the situation will improve. Libras hate doing anything alone, invite somebody you enjoy being around to spend some fun times and conversation. Stop pulling for love; it is going to pull you.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

The changes you seem to be expecting will not come about until the end of October…be patient. Meanwhile you are headed in the right direction keep it up. More unexpected news is coming toward the middle of next week that is going to make you happy. Do not let your pride get in the way of doing what you know is right. Pull things together and put all your efforts into completing all unfinished projects that you have started. Completing them gives you an extra boost to get more done. If involved currently, let the love be shown more through actions.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

This week love is highlighted and money is on the way. All the things you have been waiting to hear. Put extra effort in fixing up your surroundings, the changes will help you feel less stress and get more done. The week started off dragging, but picks up by the week’s end so be ready for some fun and release. A close friend needs some reassurance and support, but will not ask for it. Be there and give it anyway. New opportunities open up, and if they are not to your liking know that the Universe is trying to give you what you want, so continue to seek.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

Feelings of anxiety surrounds personal relationships this week. Relax and breathe it all passes. Do not be fooled, by fast talking people, you are normally fool proof, but this one will be tricky. People listen to what you have to say and you should listen to what they have to say as well, there is something for you to learn. A new partner is on the horizon. Keep all things in balanced and do not give too much too soon. Money looks up by mid September. Bigger money is still months away, keep it pushing.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

We all know you like to be unique and different, but there is a time and a place for that so pick and choose the times carefully. Surprise someone that you have not seen or talked to in a long time that has been on your mind, it will make the day for you both. Good fortune can be yours if you play your cards right to get what you want. Hard work, networking and being patient are the keys. Be more aggressive. Emotional conflicts later this month may prove to be difficult, do not do anything that you will regret everything works out.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Careful what you tell others about your personal life, it comes back to you with a twist. There is so much for you to gain just by showing up and making the connection. Work on not leaving things to chance for the next 3 months, there are definite opportunities that will require a lot of follow through on your part. Go above and beyond to help those who need it, it comes back to you 3 fold when you need it the most. Be careful what you wish for in love, because you are going to get just that, so prepare.


Hello Mr. Psychic, I noticed on your Facebook status you had Henry Ford listed as a Leo on your wall. Are you aware that he was a White Supremacist?

Just letting you know,


Hey K,

I did not know that and after checking the facts I found that to be true. Well naturally I was not celebrating that part of Mr. Ford, just to highlight the Leo’s that have contributed to our society in some way. White Supremacist or not he set a standard in this country and all over the world when it comes to transportation. I do appreciate the note and keeping me on my toes!


Hello Wayne,

My name is J T (12/05/78) and I’m in need of some advice. Back on May the 20th of 2008 a friend of mine (I N) was killed by someone he knew (J.C.) well, about an hour before this occurred he was at my office with me. The killer reported to the police that I intruded into her home and that she killed him on self defense. I know that that was not possible for the simple fact that he put her on speaker phone and I overheard their conversation.

After the incident I reported to the police and now three years later my I find myself in the state attorneys office for a deposition. My concern is; I am their key witness. At the deposition I told them everything that I remember and I believe that is enough to put her behind bars for life. I would like to know if she will take a plea of will she be sentenced to the life in prison or as the state attorney is seeking, the death penalty? Please reply to this is driving me insane… Thank you!!!!!

Hey J

This woman is going to jail for the rest of her life. It’s amazing in the reading that says how guilty she is and that justice for her was meant to take a long time. There is also other evidence outside of your testimony that is going to convict her. Does not mention the death penalty, but she will be locked up for many moons. The trial will be long and drawn out, but luckily your friend I N will get justice. He showed up in the reading as well which means he can hardly wait for the show to get on the road. Take it easy.



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