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What were your favorite old school games to play outside? Kickball? Dodgeball? Jacks? Double-dutch?

You say what? Hit us up on social media to comment.

Here’s what you’re saying on Twitter:

“jacks and dodgeball” -momsunited75

Here’s what you’re saying on Facebook:

“Hide & go seek, before it became hide & go get it!! Lol!” -India Gaines

“stoop ball , skelly and double dutch” -Cheryl Harrison Murray

“Hot Butter Bean!” -D’Andre McQueen

“OMG—-jacks? i still play that with my kids…and 4-square…do anybody remember that..” -Chairman Jones-Townes

“Red light, yellow light, green light STOP!” -Pep Farrow

“DODGEBALL!!!! it’s a metaphor for life: get better or get out. too bad they took it out of schools……no wonder we’re beciming a nation of wimps” -David Riley

“Hide and Go Seek was gonna say something else butterahhh yeah. Lol” -Jessica Marie

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