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It’s been like the Salem Witch Hunts in the music industry over the last 12 months with people trying to out various celebrities as Satan worshippers and/or freemasons.

Mitch Horowitz, author of the book Occult America, is an expert in the subject and was recently asked whether or not he thought Jay-Z was involved in the occult or a freemason.

Horowitz says that he doesn’t believe that Jay is involved in the occult or a freemason, and says that Jay is probably just a genius when it comes to using imagery.

“I was asked at one point whether I thought Jay-Z was a Freemason because of some of the images that appear in his videos. One of his videos also shows an image of Mao Tse Tung, but I don’t think he’s an Agrarian Socialist. I don’t think he’s an occultist, but I do think he is probably a genius in terms of using imagery.”

So can we abandon this witch hunt now? Jay’s not an illuminati member, or a devil worshipper, or a freemason.

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