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Q. my ex boyfriend left me for another woman who he’s still with to this day!But when i told him i was seeing someone else and i tell him im busy.  he gets mad! Why is he worried about me?

A. people always want what they cannot have. he is pressed for u now because u have someone else to focus on. it is a game for him to see if he can break your concentration. do not fall into this trap.


Q. what u do if ur husband don’t think ur marriage gonna last?

A. that is too scary and really is a sign of how confident he is in the love. u need to know why he feels this way. is it that he think he is going to mess things up or does he think the problem is u? as a couple u can come up with a plan to avoid failure.


Q. I’m 22 nd my boyfriend is 36 do think he is really interested in me or am I like an experiment he jus want to play suga daddie or something?!

A. depends on if there is a connection between the two of u outside of the bedroom or the fact that u r much younger. if you guys have great convos and have a lot of the same interests and goals then things can def work.


Q . My cousin jus passd away dis morning&during the time we found out,I was tryna find my bf bt could not reach him all nite/day! I sent him explicit texts telln him I hate him & hope he dies(words spoken out of anger/drinkn)only 2 find out 2nite he got lockd up!

A. all u can do is apologize. hopefully he will understand all the stress u were under and move forward. say u r sorry and then be a support to him.





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