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So my mother is on her way to Baltimore and I tried really hard to clean up (the way she says is clean) and it made me think about when I was a teenager and I used to hide stuff from my mother! What did you hide from mom or dad just to hide from punishment! U say what???

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Tywana Tyler them love notes from that boyfriend I wasn’t supposed to have! :-)

Malika Syndee Abdullah lol…since i was the baby of fam…i always had one of brothers or sisters jewelry, clothes, etc…they always had something in wanted and didnt want to wait until it was my trun to have it, so, i hid things…close your ears brah…i hid a poster of bruce lee once…my mother knew i had it to….she came up and found all kinds of stuff… lol


ImAngelBaby haaaa this is too easy!! Umm yess!! I crashed my moms car & tried 2 hide it in my homegirls backyard. Lol DUMB.COM!!

JayClaxton of course, report cards CHECK, girl upstairs in my room when my mom popped up hm CHECK!!!!!