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What are the reasons that men and women are drawn to getting involved with married people? Check out what Love Zone listeners thought last night via Facebook and Twitter.



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Reasons for dating a married person: 


Robyn – I believe ppl lik that really don’t want to be around that person all the time. Also they think they r better then the other person or they deserve something more then the other person.


Moe – I think females look at it like, well he is married now, so he will do it again….Women are ALWAYS looking for the marriage type, am i right?


Tuchee – people are too lazy to build up there own relationships but they will easily tear down an established one! i see it oh too often. Even with couples who are courting. Some people are just content being that third wheel. As far as the person that is married, they like the satisfaction of receiving attention both inside and outside of the relationship. its all psychological if u ask me


Patricia – Bc some ppl r just plain nasty. They are not happy with themselves and the see ppl that are happy and want what they have. they think taking the person will make them happy. They don’t realize that you have to be happy with urself first


Makeba – Ok I see everyone coming down on the women, but aren’t the men just as much to blame. You can’t STEAL something/one that doesn’t want to be taken. If he was happy in his marriage in the first place, he won’t cheat with the woman he is cheating with. You have some married men who pursue these women because It gibes them the thing they maybe missing at home….so BOTH are wrong not just the woman. Just my opinion



Kelly – How long do we give “men” excuses to be cheaters? I’m personally gonna hold my husband more accountable then some chick on the side! He has a commitment to me not her so I’ll start my bipolar rampage on him first! I’ll make my way to her cause once she found out she should’ve called it quits! These men tell woman ANYTHING just for some “new booty” and its sad! When we be mature adults and have a one on one, committed, honest relationship? ;)


Sistagirl – the HOMEWRECKERS are the men (or women) who STEP OUTSIDE OF THEIR MARRAIGE & CHEAT. Another person CANNOT break up ur home. if u weren’t steppn out on ur wife … if married men would keep their ass*s at home, no one could break up anything.


Jaime – people want what they aint suppose 2 have! all most people seem 2 think about anymore is $ and sex. been there and done that and its not fun having 2 sneak around. if people would put all that time & effort into there own relationship, they would probly see that all they really need is waiting for them 2 at home!

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