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With so many men to choose from, it was hard to compile a top 10 that most women would agree on.

Some of the nominees included artists like Nas, Pharell, Lil Bow Wow (lol) and Busta Rhymes. Check out the gallery to see who ended up in the top 10.


While going over the list, certain artists caused me to imagine the types of relationships I would share with them. Here are my thoughts…

Common, would definitely be my man. If it wasn’t for Serena Williams, we’d be married with children.

Drake, on the other hand, strictly in the ‘friend’ zone.

Nas is hot but now that he’s paying all that child support, he’s been redirected to the ‘play cousin’ zone. I can’t do nuthin with that!

Lil Wayne is sexy if you need a little a thug in your life, or if your trying to get pregnant the first time you dot dot dot.

Jim Jones could be my jailbird love. Sure, I’d write him love letters, but I’d have my real man at home. Besides, he’s in desperate need of a barber.

Dr. Dre, while attractive, he definitely falls into the ‘uncle’ zone. He’d spin records at the family reunion and man the grill.

Last but not least, Redman, straight ‘baby daddy’ material. I love that man, but I know he’s not the man for me.